Ludum Dare 29: Basement

This Ludum Dare was very exciting for me. First of all it’s because i’ve hosted a real time world gathering in Minsk. There were 6 Teams developing games together in a loft coworking called mzor/techspace. Gathering started on saturday and ended with Demo preview on Sunday. 5 projects were presented, everyone had fun at event, i’m happy that ludum dare unioned our local gamedev community for a weekend. Second exciting thing is a project we’ve built. I’ve already been participating in ludum dares for 4 years, and this weekend, our team made the most complex and mature project for this 4 years. I’m very proud to present you our game called Basement. basement_promo

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My productivity workflow

A couple years ago i’ve become a productivity-addict. I’ve read mnlist, allens’ gtd, 43 folders and lots of other stuff. Plenty of time was spent testing different productivity improving techniques, apps, services. Today as an awesome “productivity-expert”, I can’t refrain myself from sharing my “perfect workflow”.

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Ludum Dare #28 Feedback

I’ve already participated in plenty of jams, it was always lots of fun except some, when we haven’t managed to ship anything there is no special to talk about,but this one was my first solo participation. And it was quite interesting experience. I shipped a tiny game but it is too far from what I’ve started doing. Being a programmer in ‘real life’ had a great impact on how everything was done. It took me almost 75% of time to draw assets. And you know, its really important to have at least OK sprites to ship. So don’t think you’ll produce lots of cool assets too quick. I’d recommend hack design lessons, they are very interesting and quite easy to pass through.

Firstly I’ve tried to do some vector in Sketch, it was too hard to sketch some characters and I quickly switched to pixel art as I thought ‘much easier alternative’. And it was. Not so hard if you do static stuff, not filled with details. The hardest thing you’ll be doing is then animating that sprites. It took me about 3-4 hours to make some walk/run/idle animations for main character. And they looked not good enough, let’s say crappy. It made me to switch to another game mechanic, slightly more simple, but it let me produce less animations.

As it always happens in game studios, in a halfway you throw out everything that was done. So real progress with current mechanics was noticeable only next day. That day I wasn’t able to work as productively as it was previously. I’ve finished everything with lots of simplifications. Half of effects were removed, only 2 types of enemies, laggy beat detection, and broken loop. I’m even not happy that I’ve shipped it.  48h solo is enough to make some shitty proto with simple mechanics, but not more. Even with great artsy skill it’ll be incomplete. The only reachable goal of compo is to produce experimental gameplay proto. I’ll keep it in mind for the next jam.

Unity mobile multiplayer solutions

Recently I was working on mobile running game prototype with realtime multiplayer. There were lots of information on different solutions, so i’ve collected it in one mind map, to find best one. Check it below. 

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Tiny add empty child script

I don’t understand why it is still not default option in unity. Almost always when you edit scene graph, especially working with GUI, or level editing you need to create some objects attached to latest in hierarchy. You are only able to create a new one in root and than you should drag that one to you target transform. This tiny script allows you to create empty child gameObject with one hotkey. Works great for me and saves lots of time.

VCS ignore list

Small Unity tip, when working with VCS, add these types to ignore list:

Unity Skinned Mesh Renderer Performance

Needed to test some unity skinned mesh renderer staff.
I’ve uses a simple skeleton model with a full biped rig. It had about 3k vertices, 5k tris, uv and skin components. Used 3 common shaders: Specular Diffuse, Diffuse and Unlit. Last one doesn’t need any normals to draw mesh, so it should perform MeshSkinning.Render much faster.

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FGL Unity


Maybe a year ago or so FGL made available an upload of Unity builds + mobile games. I never used it before, but thought that it would be a nice attempt to gain some money with my pet projects. I’ve recently finished one to publish on google play, but firstly decided to push it to fgl and acknowledge how things are going with unity in that world . Sometimes it’s better to read forums before doing something, but i’ve understood it a bit later. 

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Perfect Workflow

Hi there, this post won’t be related to my current project, but it’s tied up with Unity3d. I’m really passionate about productivity and optimisation  All those gtd techniques, time management systems, pomodoros, goal tracking and so on. I’ve tried all of them and will continue find new ways to “optimise life”. Once I’ve stumbled upon the Sublime Text editor and was impressed. I’ve spent not few time to get it work for me, especially with unity. In this blogpost I want to share with you, how i’ve build my perfect workflow with Sublime Text.

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