This one can sound very dark

It’s an attempt to start writing about stuff I’m learning mostly (gamedev, graphics, vfxs, and programming), maybe some music (I’ve been playing drums for 14 years already and now also playing with volca synths) personal thoughts and a bit more.

Why do this? First, I just got bored of noise from all the social media outlets, another day I thought that running a standalone blog no one cares about would become a good place for me to share notes, thoughts and knowledge.

Second, as I’ve decided to make it work – I’ve paid for a full year of wordpress service, thinking that it’ll motivate me more (and I’ve regret it the next second, better use my old github notes and jekyll). Same thing didn’t work with Blinkist, as I paid full year just to read only 10-12 books.

Third, I hope it’ll help me improve my writing skill >.<

I’m doing it publicly, to start asynchronous conversation with somebody I don’t know yet. I’ll be glad if this conversation would appear anytime.

It’ll be success, if I’d write at least 1 post a month.

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